Sony Readers, Library Software for Mac — Soon

July 7, 2009

Mac and Sony Reader — Flying BooksIf you’re a Mac user using a Sony Reader, you’ve been compelled to use various workarounds to get content onto your device. While the third-party software allows the addition of ebooks from other sources, Sony’s own ebook store can only be accessed using the official Windows-based eBook Library software.

With surging Mac mind (and market) share — along with competition from cross-platform ebook readers like the Kindle — it looks like Sony is finally going to provide official Mac support by “the end of Summer 2009” (see the announcement reproduced below). The original PRS500 Reader is conspicuously absent from the announcement — perhaps it’s unsupported but still compatible as a discontinued model?

Sony Announcement, July 7, 2009

Attention Mac users!

We’ve received many requests to make the eBook Store work with Apple® Macintosh® computers, and we wanted to share with you our progress on this front.

An updated version of the eBook Library Software compatible with Mac OS X operating systems will be available by the end of Summer 2009 for download to your computer to enable you to purchase, organize and download content to your PRS505 and PRS700.

Send us your email address, and we will notify you when the update is available.

Thank you,

Your Friends at The eBook Store



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  3. Received e-mail regarding sony e-book store for Mac. Downloaded file, however am unable to use it. There is no place to log in to the store. Please send instructions.
    Thank ou

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  5. My only one use of the iPad is to read book..

  6. i am leagally blind so i was given a sony reader prs 500 for christmas and the only computer i have access to is a mac. i love to read and cnnot for the life of me figure out how to get ebooks downloaded to my reader from the mac. i dont want to get rid of my gift its the only thing i asked for and my aunt paid alot of money for it please help me i have ebook gc that i am dying to use them. i am a very frustrated reader.

  7. Kimberly, the most straightforward way to put ebooks on your Sony Reader from a Mac is to connect your Reader to the Mac with a USB cable:

    1. Connect one end of a USB cable to your Reader and the other end to your Mac.
    2. A new item called “SONY READER” will appear on the Mac in the left-hand column of a Finder window.
    3. Drag ebooks from your Mac on to the SONY READER. This will copy the ebook from one to the other.

    When you disconnect your Reader and turn it on, the items will appear in your Reader’s list of ebooks.

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