iPhone + Mac = iTablet: the Ideal eBook Reader?

July 10, 2007

iTablet Ebook Reader concept

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  1. Interesting. I guess this is intended not just as an e-book reader. Otherwise, it doesn’t need even a simple touch-screen. It may be horribly expensive with touch option. Text entry and searching might be difficult without proper keypad though. (Have you heard of the Pepperpad? Always wanted one of those here in India 🙂 http://www.pepper.com/solutions/web-devices.html )

  2. I’m guessing that the economics of a touch screen are going to get much better, now that the iPhone is selling in volume. I’m imagining that text entry would either be through an on-screen touch keyboard (like the iPhone) or via a Bluetooth external keyboard. Handwritten annotations and highlighting could also be done via a pressure-sensitive stylus, like a Wacom drawing tablet or tablet PC.

  3. Heh, this would be cool.

    I’d love multitouch on an ebook reader – it could be used in interesting ways to make the device feel more book-like. Simple ‘page flipping’ gestures, for instance. Also, there should be ways to select and file text clippings for reference later.

    Any price point you’re willing to estimate?

  4. I agree — the multi-touch interface would potentially be a very nice addition to the experience. I don’t know how meaningful a price estimate would be, but if Apple can sell the iPhone for $500-600 then the cost could be incremented upward for the bigger screen, a faster processor required for general computing and Flash storage. Flash prices are coming down fast, and I expect that economies of scale will bring down the price of the multi-touch hardware. I imagine it the price could ultimately be made competitive with low-end Tablet PCs or laptops.

  5. […] displays, improved battery life and curling-up-with-a-good-book form factors are coming. In my ideal world, a light, magazine-sized reader will fix the ergonomic issues. At that point, well-designed, […]

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  10. Ihave ever seen such a good book reader like apple book reader is the most good book reader bu at this time i dont have it please kindly can you send me even one apple book reader.

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  14. I love the sleek look of the reader above but so far nothing has ever been able to come close to touching on all of the attributes of the Kindle. I own a couple of ebook readers other than the Kindle but now I’m a diehard.

  15. How much should it cost?

    is it available in europe?

    • I’ve read on other web sites that the total amount of a ipad/itablet/islate is ranged from $500 for 16gb. A 8gb can range from $450 – $1000. I don’t know if it will be sold in Europe, but i’m sure that they will be sole in Europe.

  16. […] iTablet concept design (pictured on right) by Gerry Manacsa, who I just discovered has a pretty cool design […]

  17. Cmon people, is only a concept design, and not from apple.
    It doesn’t exist and will not ever.
    How much do you want to pay for such device?

  18. […] from wowio.wordpress.com, Techbreak and […]

  19. I HOPPEEEE, for apples sake that it doesn’t look like that, it’s a stretched version of the iPhone, i hate it 😛

  20. Cant wait for the release date.

  21. WOW!!!!!!!

  22. […] pictures from https://wowio.wordpress.com/2007/07/10/iphone-mac-itablet-the-ideal-ebook-reader/ mysapphire @ 2:55 pm [filed under 1 Leave a Comment […]

  23. よろしくおねがいします。good good nice

  24. Hi Gerry,

    I like your articles and I look forward to see how eReaders will transform the publishing industry. So far though, I read that the availability of the books are sometimes not as accessible as once thought, check out http://www.themarknews.com/articles/511-when-free-isnt-free on the other hand it’s great that “All That’s Old is New Again,” – http://www.themarknews.com/articles/730-all-thats-old-is-new-again


  25. […] сегодня, не правда ли…) взята из  поста в TheReader (iPhone + Mac = iTablet: the Ideal eBook Reader?). Удивительно живучей, однако, оказалась идея […]

  26. We have a blog all about the new tablet at AppleiSlate dot com

  27. […] Senaste rykten gör gällande att denna enhet skulle ha en 10 tums-skärm, en 3G uppkoppling samt ska köra program likt de iPhone har. Vad är då skillnaden mellan denna och en iPod Touch eller iPhone? Vem vill gå runt med en förstorad iPod Touch med samma program som funnit till iPhone och iPod Touch i snart 1,5 år? iPod Touch har mer och mer nischats åt en spelenhet, något utvecklarna av spelen tagit tillvara på och allt större titlar kommer ut i App Store. Skulle iTablet då visas upp som en jättefin och smidig elektronisk bok? […]

  28. 競馬予想してみますか。

  29. It had better fold in half to get into my coat pocket!

  30. […] dieses Produkt genau der richtige Name ist 🙂 Immerhin halten sich Pläne für ein Gerät irgendwo zwischen Iphone und Mac schon seit über 2 […]

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  32. iPad, iSlate, iBook or ireaderoftheworld for the world is coming.
    With all the apple hype generated that machine which drives the iApple tour is about to hit is final destination. It’s like the running of the torch for the olympics. We follow the precession to the lighting of the games. Anyone trips the runner, or see it going up to the summit of everest we hear the news and get the pictures. (photoshop or not)
    Will Apple live up to the games and host the best show ever? Get ready for your news, your magazines, and your books to be feed, read and distributed to you in a new way. I don’t expect apple to stop there. Apple is set to teach on it as itunes U is already in place. This is almost full circle for apple. Apple tried to cut it’s chin in the education market from the start. Now I expect the schools to come to Cupertino. I expect the media to change publishing to be viewed on the iWantitreader!
    Tomorrow we see!

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  38. […] el FLEPia de Fujitsu o el Readius. Entre los usuarios de Mac hay gran especulación acerca del iTablet o iSlate que Apple se trae en la manga. Diseñadores, ingenieros y potentados, escuchen esta plegaria. […]

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