Visualizing Comics on the iPad

January 27, 2010

Steve Jobs didn’t specifically talk about comics and other visually-intensive ebooks on the iPad, but it does fix many of the graphics and usability issues that severely limited the comics-reading utility of the monochrome e-readers and bulky tablet PCs that came before.

With its large color screen, slim form factor and long battery life, it may well be the reading device that comics fans have been waiting for.

While we await the iPad’s arrival, I wanted to visualize just how the iPad might work as a comics-reading machine. I fired up Photoshop and plugged in a couple of screens from the Witchblade books on WOWIO. What do you think?



  1. […] librairie numérique Wowio laisse entrevoir la possibilité d’une telle utilisation et compte rapidement optimiser ses contenus pour […]

  2. With the price tag of 499USD. its the best choice since
    most e-ink ebook price range also at that price range.

    and i can read comics.


    truely a an e-ink killer.

  3. I look at my e-ink reader now and it seems so drab and unresponsive in comparison. Comics were hopeless in e-ink, but even text content looks unappealing.

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