Frankfurt Book Fair: Publishers Seeing Pixels

October 9, 2007

reading at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt Book Fair logoThe Frankfurt Book Fair is the biggest book event in the world, with a history stretching back to the days of Gutenberg and the emergence of printing in the west. The billing on its web site is true by all accounts — “everyone who is anyone in the industry will be there: authors and publishers, booksellers and librarians, art dealers and illustrators, agents and journalists, information brokers and readers.”

This year’s edition is now in progress. This year’s hottest topic — adaptation and prosperity in an ever more digital world (from the Book Fair site):

Digitisation will be centre of attention at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair (10 to 14 October 2007), as the world’s largest book and media event focuses on a topic which has become a major priority for the publishing industry.

The programme will examine how all aspects of digitisation – from e-books, e-marketing and Web 2.0 through to online platforms such as Google or Amazon – will impact on the industry.

Frankfurt Book Fair preparations

Preparing for the Frankfurt Book Fair.

This trend is evidenced by the increasing industry forays into the digital realm — for example, if you’re already a WOWIO user, you’ve seen this movement first-hand in the steadily growing stream of new books and the publishers embracing its unique, all-digital (and all-free) business model.

From a dpa news story reporting on an industry meeting at the Fair:

As publishers gathered Tuesday for the October 10-14 Frankfurt Book Fair, they heard that free online books funded by advertising are one of the up-and-coming ways to earn a living from literature.

Evan Schnittman, a New York-based Oxford University Press executive giving a briefing on digital books, said US website WOWIO was already in the free e-book business […]

WOWIO will make a lot of news in the future,” he said.


  1. Great post. Digitization and monetization are finally coming together. It is important to note, however, that there are great options for putting books online that deliver higher margins than Google Books and Amazon.

    In partnership with WROX Press (an imprint of John Wiley and Sons) we just released posted the entire contents of their “Beginning ASP 3.0” book in an advertising supported wiki format. (http://asp3wiki.wrox.com)

  2. Great post indeed, and wowio is a great idea. I am hoping to get my book on there soon.

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