Vista Nags, Bugs and the Reader’s Experience

September 1, 2007

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I’ve been been quite the curmudgeon lately on the Windows Vista problems that are spoiling my ebook-reading experience on the Lenovo X61T.

Affirmation is nice at times, and in that vein, a Microsoft guy has posted an admirably honest list enumerating the peskiest of Vista’s interface quirks (via Fake Steve Jobs).

To these annoyances, add the serious wake-from-sleep bug(s) that have forced me to reboot the system three four times in the last three weeks. Never knowing if the system will actually work definitely puts a damper on my reading and other tasks, and being forced to work around the problem by waiting for a full shutdown/restart cycle every time I use the machine isn’t a whole lot better.

These apparently aren’t isolated incidents, as evidenced by the many frustration-filled discussions of Vista’s deep-rooted problems. The upcoming SP1 update is supposed to address certain sleep-related issues, but I would be very surprised if the fundamental interface design problems are ever fixed.

So is the bloom off the rose on Vista and the X61T? Yes. I haven’t thrown it out the window yet, but I am sometimes sorely tempted. It’s a shame, because actually reading ebooks is a pleasure on this machine but software problems are tarnishing the experience.


  1. I have had some really good years with Windows. Particularly 95, 98SE and XP Home. For one, I learned a lot to trouble shoot and in effect learn about computer use a bit more than I needed to. I guess you know what I mean. But sheesh, Vista is terrible!

  2. I was never a huge Windows fan, but I felt reasonably productive with XP back in the days when I had to use it on a daily basis for real work. Occasional moments of gritting my teeth, perhaps, but productive. Perhaps if I used Vista as often, its issues would start to fade into the background too, but since I now use OS X most of the time, the problems stand out in stark relief.

  3. I have seen that many have successfully installed Ubuntu Linux on the X61T (with all the tablet functions working). Unfortunately, it takes a bit of hacking to get everything working properly as Ubuntu does not benefit from the likes of Apple software/hardware integration. My experience with Linux has been head and shoulders above any Windows product. I would say that Ubuntu and MacOSX are on comparable levels. I’m on the verge of buying the X61T, and the only thing that would stop me is an official Mac Tablet. Oh where art thou Mac Tablet?

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