BarCamp Houston Wrap-Up

August 27, 2007

Nagle presenting at BarCamp Houston

Robert Nagle discusses reading in the age of Web 2.0 (photo by Ed Schipul).

Last Saturday’s BarCamp was a dynamic affair. In addition to the sessions and workshops, the hallways and coffee room of the Houston Technology Center were packed with lively, impromptu conversations on everything from startup pointers to MS Silverlight, deep design to hardware toys.

As expected from an unconference, the prepared content ranged far and wide. In addition to Robert’s talk (in which I also introduced WOWIO and its business model), a couple of sessions particularly caught my attention. Ernie Rapp pitched an upcoming TED-style conference in Houston — a cool possibility, even if tickets are a bit steep. On the wonkier side, Steven Evatt and Ed Schipul talked SEO, providing a dabbler like me with much new fodder to chew.

As a final note, I thought it was particularly apropos that Dwight Silverman used this Web 2.0-heavy event to experiment with Twittering live, blow-by-blow coverage.

Good stuff, all around!

Update: Matthew Eernisse has posted good synopses of several of the BarCamp Houston sessions and workshops.


  1. It was truly an enriching experience and a wonderful exposure to the ‘other part of town’ for me.

  2. BarCamp was a bit of an alternate universe — in a good way — for me, too!

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