On Deck: The Sony Reader

August 14, 2007

Sony Reader boxAlerted by a post on Teleread, I was able to snag a Sony Reader for only $49 (plus tax and shipping).

While a new generation of dedicated readers is just around the corner, the price point was unbeatable and the Sony is a good example of the state of the art as it stands today. Using a specialized device will also provide an illuminating comparison against the other general-purpose machines I’ve tested so far. Will it pass the reading-on-the-couch test?

Stay tuned!

Update: first impressions


  1. As a WOWIO user and Sony Reader owner, I’ll be very interested to hear your impression.

    Happy reading…

  2. I love the reader and the feel of it, but i can’t read any of my pdf books, CHM files, & mobipocket books. I wish i had planned this thoroughly, but without able to read my existing collections, the sony reader is useless to me. I also had trouble installing the connect reader on my work’s computer running vista business 64bit. I called sony support about this issues only to be put on hold for over 30mins and i just gave up. I was able to install the connect reader on my home laptop running vista ultimate 32 bit, then i tried to use the 100 free downloads of classics ebook and got an error, never was able to download the free book and deducted the missed book from my credit. Agghhhh, i’m beggining to think i made a bad mistake, if only i could afford the iliad, i would dump my sony reader in a heartbeat. I’m hoping someone will figure out how to properly convert my pdf/chm files to lrf. I wish sony will also partner up with mobipocket and allow mobipocket files on the reader. i will hold on to my sony reader and pray for a miracle.

  3. You can’t read the PDFs because the text is too small, or because they’re DRM’d and you can’t open them? I’ve been reading PDFs for the last few days now, but they’re non-DRM’d and I’ve had to read most of them in landscape format to get sufficient magnification.

  4. Download free software (the designer does accept donations and deserves them!) called calibre – works on PRS500 and 505. Like a charm. Here is the site: http://calibre.kovidgoyal.net/

    It will reformat your pdfs so you can read them.

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