Munch and Read: The Forgotten eBook Advantage

August 13, 2007

lunch and an ebook

Did you ever sit down to a meal with a book that you couldn’t put down? Me too, more times than I can count. I would always have to either eat one-handed or weight down the book with a salt shaker (or whatever dense object I could find close at hand). I sat down to lunch today with the tablet and My Happy Life, and I realized that my meal-reading problems are over!

Everyone talks about being able to carry a million titles in one ebook device, but this is real progress!


  1. e-book readers definitely have its advantages other than being a good medium to have lunch with 😉 – for instance, if you’re travelling you can actually bring more than one title in that slim device.

    but sometimes, you just can’t beat holding the real thing. the smell of old / freshly bought books, the lovely covers… 🙂

  2. The physical objects can evoke associations through scent and carry tokens of memory like inscriptions, dog ears and even coffee stains. Those things can’t ever be fully replaced by their digital counterparts, but for day-to-day reads, a well-designed ebook will definitely do the trick.

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