Lenovo Explains My Reading Blues

August 13, 2007

Perhaps this story from Infoworld explains the crash that interrupted my happy ebook reading yesterday:

Windows XP was chosen to run on all PCs handling chores vital to the Olympic Games, and has been installed on most of the PCs delivered by Lenovo Group. Vista will only be used on PCs in Internet lounges set up for athletes to use during the games.

The Olympic Games require mature, stable technologies, said Yang Yuanqing, chairman of Lenovo, during a briefing in Beijing. The Olympic Games aren’t a place to try new technologies due to the size and importance of the event, he said. Everything must work smoothly.

“If it’s not stable, it could have some problems,” he said.


(To be fair, I’ve only seen the Blue Screen once, so it’s really too early to make my own judgment on Vista’s stability…)

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