Starship Troopers and the Nine-Year-Old: Heinlein at 100

July 26, 2007

heinlein2.jpgRobert Heinlein influenced me deeply. In ways I won’t ever fully know. I read Starship Troopers when I was nine, and it was the title that set fully ablaze an already-smouldering early love for the written word. Whatever else might be said about its political or cultural overtones, it remains a smashing, action-packed story that grabbed a hold of my young imagination and never really let go.

In later years, I discovered Stranger in a Strange Land — 10-15 years too late to catch its counter-culture heyday, but multiple readings still gave the desired mind-stretching effect.

With the one hundredth anniversary of Heinlein’s birth being celebrated this month, it seemed a good time to remember.

Read Taylor Dinerman’s look back at Heinlein’s legacy for the Wall Street Journal here. Jim Downey also recounts the events at the Heinlein Centennial Gala here.

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  1. Heinlein was one of my favourites. I didn’t know Starship Troopers. And now I realise that many of the stories are just a faint memory. You’ve jogged me to go look in the dungeon for any old copies.

  2. It has actually been a decade or two since I’ve read a Heinlein book. I did watch the only-distantly-related (i.e., awful) film adaptation of Starship Troopers during that period, but that hardly counts. Now that I’m thinking about it too, maybe I’ll pick up Puppet Masters.

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