eBooks on iPhones: Seeing Is Believing

July 14, 2007

travel and graphic novel ebooks on the iPhonePaula Wellings (my colleague at WOWIO) has posted a series of photos of the iPhone displaying PDF ebooks, with content ranging from straight text to travel guides and graphic novels.


She notes the shortcomings of the iPhone as a reader at this stage, including the lack of proper PDF software with an automated zoom function (like iPhone Safari) and kludgy file management (no direct way to get files into the iPhone).

The good news is, the problems are all just software! The display hardware and the user interface paradigm are already well-adapted to the purpose of reading large document pages (e.g., web pages) in a small form factor. A future (perhaps inevitable) update that beefs up file management and PDF support will change the game in the ebook arena, just as the iPhone is already doing in so many other sectors.

[and, perhaps more importantly, it’s yet another fine excuse to get one for myself someday!]

Read Paula’s full post and see the complete photo set with more shots at different zoom settings and display orientations here.

Update: The page being displayed in the top image is from a pdf version of Avant-Guide Las Vegas: Insiders Guide for Urban Adventurers by Daniel Levine. The graphic novel shown in the lower image is Lullaby Vol 1: Wisdom Seeker 01 by Hector Sevilla, Mike S. Miller, and Ben Avery.

Update 2: See the video demo!



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