Favorite Fonts of 2006

July 11, 2007

The folks at Typographica show their picks among the 1800+ commercial typefaces released last year. My favorite of the group: Paperback.

(via Daring Fireball)


  1. Before I start on a book or an article to read, I look at the font first, then the size of the letters (I don’t have very good eyes.), the margins, the over all lay out, and if in print, the smell. But I guess that’s just me. Either way, use of appropriate fonts are important for a reader too, is all I’m saying.

    Fonts help the reader a lot. It is the unspoken vehicle that could potentially make the reader stay on or leave the reading for the next day or the next lifetime.

    An intelligent choice on the use of fonts by those who make the books creates this sensitivity and spirit in the read.

  2. IMHO, the list is really dubious, especially with fonts like Fabiol. Who would use that in print, huh?

  3. I could see using Fabiol for a very specific application that was intended to evoke a Renaissance-ish, period feel. I work often on book designs for older works and classics, so I could see applying it to some of those, for example.

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